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PTG Phase Separators Coalescence at the interface

PTG Phase Separators separate droplets of d > 50 µm (e. g. caused through agitators/flows) from a liquid-liquid dispersion with high density difference and low viscosity from the main phase.
PTG Phase Separators are optimized in terms of flow and residence time. They are used for the coarse pre-separation and as independent phase separator.

Separation Principle:
The gravitation separators are equipped with special flow distributors at the inlet. These ensure a constant flow velocity throughout the entire cross-section of the vessel and guarantee through this a maximum residence time in the phase separator.
The coarse droplets flow to the liquid-liquid interface through gravity where it comes to a droplet-interface coalescence.

Inlet Droplets PTG Phase Separator
Layout PTG Phase Separator
Schematic layout PTG Phase Separator
We design according to our customers’ requirements with our calculation programs:
  • Dimensions of the flow distributor
  • Required settling volume.
Flow direction in PTG Phase Separator
Flow and course of the separated droplets Flow distributor: perforated plate