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FRANKEN Reverse Flow Filtration Systems are a perfect combination of filter technology and expertise in plant construction.
Our RF reverse flow filters are engineered to meet the demand for state-of-the-art liquid super filters.
This sustainable filter technology is key in enabling us to engineer and build complete plants on the scale which is required. We can also supply all the peripheral equipment the project demands.



Reverse Flow Filtration Plant
Reverse Flow Filtration Plant RFA 600-14000
Application for roll texturing machine

Fields of application:
  • Electrical discharge machines (EDM + EDT)
  • Rolling mills for non-ferrous metals,
    steel and high-grade steel
  • Honing

  • Super filtering with no need for filter aid
  • Fully automatic/operator-free operation
  • Low running costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Guaranteed service life for filter elements

Reverse Flow Filter Stage

Reverse flow filter stage,
ready for installation, filter area 44 m2
Filter housing Ø 1000mm

The core of FRANKEN reverse flow filtration plants are the filter elements, which are integrated in filter stages of different sizes, and ready for instalment.
The reverse flow filter elements are available in different layouts and filter fineness.

3D view Reverse Flow Filtration Plant

3D-Scheme of a complete RF plant with storage tank, pump station, cooler, control and dryer

Customer-specific supply stations for connected machines often form an integral part of reverse flow filtration plants.
We are able to supply
  • Clean and dirty tanks of any size and type
  • Pumping stations with all fittings, pipes, measurement and control devices
  • Heating and cooling systems

Processing of the reverse flow liquid and the solids contained in it is achieved through the application of vacuum-type belt drier with dry cake discharge.