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The reverse flow filters are available for a filter fineness of 1-25 µm and are suitable for mineral oil and oil-water emulsions.
The optimum functional area ranges at a viscosity of < 20 cP
and a solids concentration of < 50 mg/l.


Layout of Filter Elements:

Our reverse flow filter technology is based on a modified gap filter principle: extremely thin filter disks are stacked on a perforated central pipe and pressed down at a defined force.
The particles are retained in front of and inside the gap when flowing through the filter gaps.

Layout Filter Element

Filter Fineness:

The degree of filtering depends on the
width of gap between the filter disks.
Adjustment of filter gap width can be
achieved by applying filter disks of various
surface roughnesses and modifying
the compressions.

Filter efficiency

  Filtration grade 5 µm
measured filtering efficiency
Reverse Flow:

The filtrate which compressed air forces
through the filter elements during reverse flow is stored in the head of the filter housing.
· defined reverse flow volume
· high-level process safety
· extremely

Flow scheme Reverse Flow Filtration Plant

Revers Flow FilterThe reverse flow filter elements function in only two operating modes.
  • Filtering
12 – 48 h
  • Reverse flow
4 min only

The process is engineered to ensure that the filtering effect is 100% with each new start of the filtering cycle.